WESTERN/EDEN CHANNEL/ ECLV : Latitude: 21° 05' N, Longitude: 87° 50' E

Western/Eden channel pilot boarding approach waypoints in wgs84 as follows


1. WP 1 21 º05.00’ N 087 º 51.30’ E -
2.  WP 2 21 º12.30’ N 087 º 51.30’ E 000* x 7.3 nm
4.   WP 4 21 º26.80’ N 087 º 48.60’ E 000* x 5.1 nm
5.   WP-5 21° 30' 30.000" N 087° 50' 05.000" E
6. WP-6 21° 35' 00.547" N 087° 51' 55.348" E
7.   WP-7 21° 40' 32.020" N 087° 55' 33.420" E
8.   WP-8 21° 44' 03.797" N 087° 56' 19.013" E
9.   WP-9 21° 46' 15.600" N 087° 57' 16.000" E (PILOT BOARDING GROUND)



Upto vessel LOA 180 mtrs - 90 cms

Above vessel LOA 180 mtrs - 70 cms 



Diameter - 545 mtrs


Coastal Breakwater, River Natural


WESTERN/EDEN CHANNEL/ ECLV : Latitude: 21° 05' N, Longitude: 87° 50' E,Pilot boarding ground in vicinity of wp 9 : 21° 46' 15.600


NO. OF BERTH: 14 Berths. LOA: 235.00 Meters. BEAM: 32.30 Meters. DRAFT: as per monthly forecast published by port


Sandheads is the anchorage where vessels wait in case berth is not available. The Pilot pick up point is 3 to 4 Hrs Passage from Sandheads. Berthing at Haldia Takes place during the High water at Haldia. contact with the Pilot vessel with VHF Channel 16/68 or SSB frequency 4147.4/8295.4 Khz to give ETA with fresh water arrival draft. Pilot confirm the position of dropping anchor in case not berthing.

Haldia Port (LAT.22 deg 02'N., LONG. 88 deg 06'E) is located on the west bank of the river Hooghly, 65 nautical miles from the Anchorage at Sandheads ( and also the NOR tendering area) in the Bay of Bengal. Haldia is a riverine port and vessels movements are tide restricted. Haldia dock is secured by Lock Gate. All Inward and outward movements are regulated by high Tide , which is available twice a day at an interval of 12 hrs i.e. : DAY TIDE & NIGHT TIDE. Ships usually drop anchor at Sandheads awaiting berthing instruction. Estimated transit time from Sandheads to Lock Gate/ Haldia Oil Jetty about 6 to 7 hours and and from sandheads to lock gate to alongside berth 8 to 9 hrs (approx). Estimated time of berthing approx half an hour (actual tying up). Regarding un-berthing also same applicable. Night navigation is allowed at inside dock upto LOA 230 mtrs and max draft 8.50 mtrs and at Haldia Oil Jetty ( HOJ-1 ) LOA upto 170 mtrs and max draft upto 7.0 mtrs and at Haldia Oil Jetty - 3 (HOJ-3) LOA between 120 mtrs to 135 mtrs & max draft 7.0 mtrs is acceptable  . 

Note : Night berthing is not allowed at HOJ-2 and HOJ-3




River Channel : 1006 to 1007 , Inside dock : 1000 to 1001.


Upto vessel LOA 180 mtrs - 90 cms & Above vessel LOA 180 mtrs - 70 cms


The Channel at the entrance to the Hugli River is prone to frequent changes, the Buoyage is moved frequently.


Road: Haldia dock complex is well connected with national highway no.6 via national highway no.41 with and the rest of the country. the port of Haldia acts as the guiding factor to trade and commerce of vast hinterland comprising the entire eastern India and the two land-lockedhimalayan kingdoms of Nepal Andbhutan.

Rail: South eastern railway via Panskura.


Rail facility for cargo is available in the port with a double rail track linking to Cuttack.

Inland water ways: National waterways no. i (Ganga), national waterways no. ii (Brahmaputra) and the proposed national waterways no. vi which will link Lakhipur (in Assam) with Bhanga (in the faridpur district of Bangladesh) on the Barak river which will supplement the inland movement of daughter vessels and barges between Kopt and Bangladesh


Kolkata Airport (Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport ) distance from Haldia abt. 140 km and take abt. 3 hours by car through road.



VHF CH 16 OR 68 OR SSB 4147.4/8295.4 KHZ.


Haldia is all weather port and continues operation throughout the year.

March to May - Summer season (shipping operations will be affected by occasional thunderstorms known as norwesters which lasts for 2 to 3 hrs)


June to September - Monsoon season (rainy season but shipping activities not affected unless bad/inclement weather)

October to February - Winter season (shipping operations may be affected at times owing to occasional dense fog in the morning)




PFSO : Director Marine Department, 

Capt. N.Rajaram
Mobile : +91 9674155637
Manager Marine ( Operation),
Haldia Dock Complex
Mobile  : + 91 8373062386


Haldia is a riverine port and all vsl's movements are tide restricted. Haldia dock is secured by Lock Gate. All Inward and outward movements are regulated by high Tide , which is available twice a day at an interval of 12 hrs i.e. : DAY TIDE & NIGHT TIDE.


Cargo operation: Port working 24 hrs / 7 days with no holidays.

Shift Working Hours Tea Break
1st Shift 0600-1400 1000-1030
2nd Shift 1400-2200 1800-1830
3rd Shift 2200-0600 0200-0230

Haldia port works all 7 days a week including Saturdays/Sundays/Holidays

Normally operation continue 24 Hours basis at MHC berths


Cargo operation: Round the clock 24x7

1st Shift 0600-1400 0530 - 0630
2nd Shift 1400-2200 1330 - 1430
3rd Shift 2200-0600 2130 - 2230




Butadiene , Mtbe (methyl tertiary butyl ether) , Phosphoric acid , Acetic acid , Bitumen , Caustic soda , Methyl ethyl glycol (meg) , LPG , Naphtha , Butene , Benzene , Aviation turbine fuel , LDO , Methanol / methyl alcohol , Motor spirit / petrol , Paraxylene , Propane , TAME / Reformate (AFS , Sulphuric acid , Ammonia , Butane , Coal , Cement clinkers , Dolomite , Fertilizer , Urea , Mop , Dap , Gypsum , Iron ore , Cbfs , Crude degummed soya bean oil , Crude sun flower oil , Hsd , R p coke , Rock phosphate , Sulphur , Sugar , Silica sand , Soda ash , Salt , PY Gas , Superior kerosene oil , Butane/Propane , H r coils , Cold rolled coils , Steel billets , Steel bloom , Steel plates , Steel pipes , Wire rod coils , Project and equipment cargo , Furnace oil , Lube oil , Diethylene glycol , Nitric Acid , Iron ore lumps , Iron ore pellets , Lime stone , Manganese ore , Manganese slag , Silicon manganese , Met coke , Mill scale , Pyroxenite , Pig iron ,


Possible - except Pakistan national














Haldia port berthing policy Available through chart

Coastal Priority :


Haldia Port is allowing priority for one coastal vessel at a time


Butadiene 3816 MT day
Mtbe (methyl tertiary butyl ether) 7656 MT day
Phosphoric acid 10848 MT day
Acetic acid 8592 MT day
Bitumen 6000 MT day
Caustic soda 6024 MT day
Methyl ethyl glycol (meg) 6648 MT day
LPG 14280 MT day
Naphtha 20880 MT day
Butene 2328 MT day
Benzene 7000 MT day
Aviation turbine fuel 3864 MT day
LDO 4272 MT day
Methanol / methyl alcohol 3936 MT day
Motor spirit / petrol 4200 MT day
Paraxylene 9672 MT day
Propane 9912 MT day
TAME / Reformate (AFS 9720 MT day
Sulphuric acid 8064 MT day
Ammonia 7920 MT day
Butane 7344 MT day
Coal 18000 MT day
Cement clinkers 15000 MT day
Dolomite 15000 MT day
Fertilizer 12000 MT day
Urea 12000 MT day
Mop 12000 MT day
Dap 12000 MT day
Gypsum 15000 MT day
Iron ore 18000 MT day
Cbfs 16128 MT day
Crude degummed soya bean oil 10800 MT day
Crude sun flower oil 10800 MT day
Hsd 16176 MT day
R p coke 18000 MT day
Rock phosphate 14000 MT day
Sulphur 11000 MT day
Sugar 4500 MT day
Silica sand 16000 MT day
Soda ash 15000 MT day
Salt 8000 MT day
PY Gas 9000 MT day
Superior kerosene oil 5400 MT day
Butane/Propane 14000 MT day
H r coils 7000 MT day
Cold rolled coils 6000 MT day
Steel billets 3500 MT day
Steel bloom 4500 MT day
Steel plates 3000 MT day
Steel pipes 2000 MT day
Wire rod coils 3500 MT day
Project and equipment cargo 900 MT day
Furnace oil 12000 MT day
Lube oil 5000 MT day
Diethylene glycol 3500 MT day
Nitric Acid 5500 MT day
Iron ore lumps 18000 MT day
Iron ore pellets 18000 MT day
Lime stone 15000 MT day
Manganese ore 18000 MT day
Manganese slag 15000 MT day
Silicon manganese 15000 MT day
Met coke 18000 MT day
Mill scale 18000 MT day
Pyroxenite 13000 MT day
Pig iron 24000 MT day


Port authority implemented penal berth hire charges for non achievement of benchmark pumping rate of liquid cargo.

Haldia port authority introduce new berthing policy w.e.f. 01/10/2016 . According to trade circular, Penal berth hire/ incentive clause is applicable for dry bulk cargo.

No. OF BERTH ( Inside Impounded Dock ) : 14 Berths & 1 Mooring Buoy LOA: 235.00 Meters. BEAM: 32.26 Meters. 

No. OF OIL JETTY - 3 Riverine Oil Jetties, 1 Mooring Buoy for Veg Oil Discharge & 1 Barge Handling jetty situated on the River

DRAFT: as per monthly forecast published by port 


Draft : Vessel has to maintain draft as per Fresh water draft forecast published by Harbour master (river). For your information, the restriction of the Fresh water draft is applicable in the river channel only during the passage from Pilot station to Haldia dock and vis-a-vis.

Port authority always insist to discharge dry bulk cargo by shore crane


Twin deck vessel/ ribs in inside hold vessel may not accept by Port authority for discharging dry bulk cargo.

Vessel should have TWO serviceable bower anchors for safe transit


Vessel to ensure that their engines, Steering etc are good working order

Vessels A.I.S pilot plug required to be operational


Freeboard of the vessel should be within 9 mtrs and in case it is more, vessel has to provide combination ladder as per the International practice for pilot boarding. Combination ladder must be available on both the side ( Port and Starboard)

Vessel should have both side pilot ladder.


Double banking at Haldia port is mandatory to suit their operational system. The Port authority may require to put some other vessel alongside your vessel or may put your vessel alongside to some other vessel for operational reasons. A blanket permission is sought from the master / Owner of the vessel confirming the same prior entry into the port and Ships crew should take/ release the mooring ropes of the double banking vessel. Furthermore pls note that port authority has made use of Pneumatic Fenders mandatory on vessels for double banking as per requirement on chargeable basis.

Vessels calling at Haldia, has to comply with the attached trade circular as issued by Haldia Port Authority on 6th oct 2017. Valid certificates of periodical and annual test examination of deck cranes / derricks / lifting appliances and loose gears of the vessel has to submitted to Inspectorate Dock Safety. Upon submission of the same and clearance given by Dock safety authority, vessel will be called inside for loading/discharging commencement. As per India Dock Safety regulations , vessel must have certificates ( Indian Chain Register) issued by Indian Competent Authorities.


This Port also has an office functioning to carry PSC inspection. This office has full powers to detain or penalise any vessel not confirming to certain standards as per IMO

Haldia port has been accredited as an ISPS Compliant port. Hence it is mandatory to submit ISPS compliance certificate of the vessel prior to entry of the vessel in the Port. Fyi, Haldia port maintain security Level - 2


As per the Guideline of Ministry of Shipping, now-a-days port authority is not accepting vessel other than INTERNATIONAL GROUP P & I clubs + few additional clubs which has been approved by Ministry of Shipping.


  • Fumigation services.
  • Marine surveyors.
  • Provision Supply
  • Fire fighting services.
  • Ship repairs.
  • Bunker Supply
  • Ship's spare supply
  • Fresh water supply
  • Workshop : Available to be arranged from Kolkata




Berth no. - 4 : ( PORT EQUIPMENT )


At Berth No.4 -2 ship loaders – 1500 tph + 2 stacker – cum – reclaimer – 1500 tph(both stacking and reclaiming) and a 2 wagon tippler – 12 wagons /hr.

At Berth No. 10 & 11 -2 NOS. RMQC, 4 Nos. RTYGC – 40 tph 3 reach stacker – 45 tph




At Berth No. 2, 4B, 8, 13 a total of 8 Nos. mobile harbour cranes ( Port appointed contactor property )

At Berth No.4A- 2 Nos.grinding unloader – 1700 tph + 2 stacker cum reclaimer – stacking 1700 tph reclaiming 1400 tph and 1 wagon loader – 1000 tph - A/c. ISPHL


At Berth No. 12 : A/C. TMILL - 2 Nos. mobile harbour cranes, Forklift - 6 nos, Toplifters - 2 nos

A/c. Ripley & Co - Forklift - 10 pcs ( 3 to 30 mt ), Crane - 6 nos x 28 mt. , Terex , Poclain - 4 nos, Kalmar - 2 nos

A/c. TPRC : Forklift : 4 Nos, Kalmar - 3 nos, Crane - 4 x 40 mt


Coal, Coke, Limestone, Manganese ore, Varuious Fertilizer, Gypsum, Steel Coils/Slabs/Pipes,Iron Ore, Steel Billets/Blooms, wrc, Sand, Salt.


Port norms:

Butadiene 159 MT / HOUR
Mtbe (methyl tertiary butyl ether) 319 MT/  HOUR
Phosphoric acid 452 MT/  HOUR
Acetic acid 358 MT/  HOUR
Bitumen ( Export )
Bitumen ( Import )
360 MT/  HOUR
193 MT/ HOUR
Caustic soda 251 MT/ HOUR
Methyl ethyl glycol (meg) 277 MT/ HOUR
Benzene ( LAB ) - Import 322 MT/ HOUR
Naphtha 870 MT/ HOUR
Butene 97 MT/ HOUR
Benzene (Export )

203 MT/ HOUR
Aviation turbine fuel 161 MT/ HOUR
Methanol / methyl alcohol 164 MT/ HOUR
Motor spirit / petrol 175 MT/ HOUR
Paraxylene 403 MT/ HOUR
Propane 413 MT/ HOUR
Reformate 405 MT/ HOUR
Sulphuric acid 336 MT/ HOUR
Ammonia 330 MT/ HOUR
Butane 306 MT/ HOUR
Coal 8300 MT / DAY
Cement clinkers 14600 MT/ DAY
Dolomite 16600 MT/ DAY
Fertilizer 7800 MT/ DAY
Iron Ore Pellets/ Lumps 22400 MT/ DAY
Gypsum 14600 MT/ DAY
Iron ore Fines 19500 MT/ DAY
Cbfs 672 MT/ HOUR
Crude degummed soya bean oil 450 MT/ HOUR
Crude sun flower oil 450 MT/ HOUR
Hsd 674 MT/ HOUR
R p coke 8800 MT/ DAY
Rock phosphate 17500 MT/ DAY
Sulphur 13700 MT/ DAY
Sugar 5500 MT/ DAY
Silica sand 19500 MT/ DAY
Soda ash 17900 MT/ DAY
Salt 10600 MT/ DAY
PY Gas 397 MT/ HOUR
Superior kerosene oil 225 MT / HOUR
Furnace oil (Export )
Furnace Oil ( Import)
500 MT/ HOUR
589 MT / HOUR
Lube oil 213 MT / HOUR
Diethylene glycol 162 MT/ HOUR
Nitric Acid 241 MT/ HOUR
Lime stone 13700 MT /DAY
Manganese ore 11700 MT/ DAY
Manganese slag 29200 MT/ DAY
Silicon manganese 29200 MT/ DAY
Met coke 7800 MT/ DAY
Mill scale 24300 MT/ DAY
Pyroxenite 16600 MT/ DAY
Pig iron 29200 MT/ DAY





Type of Storage Area (sqm.) Location
Shed-1 9000 Behind Berth No. 9
Shed -2 3000 Behind Berth No. 10 & 11
Shed -3 5000 Behind Berth No 13
Shed owned by tmill 3000 Behind Berth No. 12



Location Types of storage and area (in sq. mtrs)
  Hard Stand Bare Land
Behind Berth No. 2 116000 -
Behind Berth No. 3 - 52000
Behind Berth No. 4 - 45000
Behind Berth No 4B 55700 27500
Behind Berth No. 5 1,50,000 (proposed) 72000
Behind Berth No 6 & 7 20000 -
Behind Berth No 8 7500 78025
to the west of g. c. berth 28,000(proposed) 120000
behind berth no. 12 79000 -
behind berth no. 13 173000 59000


Berth no.2. this is a multipurpose berth handles all kinds of dry bulk cargo, cargo being handled by mobile harbour crane (mhc). Average discharge/ loading rate 18000 - 20000 mt pwwd/wp sub agw by 2 mhc fitted with 35 cbm/ 20 cbm grabs.mcpi. has laid down pipeline at berth no.2 for receiving paraxylene and paraxylene vessels are accepted at no.2 as per availability of berth.

Berth No.3 handles all kinds of dry bulk cargo. Cargo being handled manually with ship's gear fitted with grab. Facilities are also available at this berth for handling non-dangerous POL products such as discharge of SKO & HSD, PARAXYLENE, FO etc. Edible oil vessels are being accepted at this berth and cargo being handled through shore pipe line.


Berth No.4 Designated for loading thermal coal with the help of mechanised loading system. it has two shuttle boom type ship loaders for loading thermal coal. besides, there Edible Oil vessels are being accepted at this berth and cargo being handled through shore pipe line. Air Draft Restricted: 13.5 meters upto top of the hatch cover

Berth No.4A is dedicated for discharge of Coal a/c Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) through Mechanised system. Berth No. 4A is under license agreement with ISPHL (stevedore for No.4A) &KoPT and the berth is fully mechanized for handling of coking coal with two Grab Type Ship Unloaders (Mechanized Grab Handling Systems) capable of discharging on an average 14,000 MT PWWD, total integrated conveyor system with two Stacker-cum-Reclaimers, two wagon-loaders with private railway siding.
Air draft restricted: 15 meters upto top of the hatch cover


Berth No. 4B is designed to handle all types of dry bulk cargo e.g. discharge of coal, coke, lime stone, fertilizer in bulk, rock phosphate, sulphur etc. and loading of iron ore. At this berth cargo being handled by using mobile harbour crane (mhc). average discharge/ loading rate 18000 - 20000 mt pwwd/wp sub agw by 2 nos. mhc fitted with 35 cbm/ 20 cbm grabs.

Berth No.5 Mostly Edible Oil vessels are being accepted at this berth. At this berth various kinds of dry bulk cargo also being handled. Dry bulk cargo being handled manually with ship's gear fitted with grab.
Note: Edible Oil is also discharged from off-5 (i.e. double banked with vessel alongside no.5) through floating pipeline.


Berth No.6 & 7 also called Finger Jetty - two berths are located on each side of the finger jetty. having facilities for pipeline discharge of different liquid bulk cargo such as phosphoric acid, carbon black feed stock, acetic acid, bitumen, liquid coal tar, caustic soda and edible oil, meg , lab etc. Besides, conventional handlings of bulk cargoes are under taken at these berths with the help of vessels own gears. Edible Oil is also discharged from off-6 (i.e. double banked with vessel alongside no.6) through floating pipeline. Berth Nos. 6 & 7 has direct pipeline discharge facilities connected to tank farms.

Berth No.8 this is a multipurpose berth handles all kinds of dry bulk cargo, cargo being handled by mobile harbour crane (mhc). average discharge/ loading rate 18000 - 20000 mt pwwd/wp sub agw by 2 mhc fitted with 35 cbm/ 20 cbm grabs.


Berth No. 9 is a multipurpose berth having full-fledged handling facilities. this berth handles project cargo, steel cargo and also handles dry bulk cargo Iron Ore loading, discharge of Fertilizer, MOP, Urea etc.( dry bulk / bagged). Cargo being handled manually with ship's gear. Coal & Coke are not handled at this berth.

Berth No. 10 & 11 are dedicated for container handling and operated by HICT (Haldia International Container Terminal Pvt. Ltd) - J. M. Baxi group company on o & m basis. These berths equipped with 2 nos. RMQC and 4 four rubber tyred yard gantry cranes (RTYGC) and 3 nos. reach stackers for yard handling .Average production both in terms of discharge/loading 20 units per hour and approx. 120 units per shift/per rmqc.
The entire quayside from no.8 berth to no.11 measures 865 metres.


Berth No.12 operated by TM International Logistics Ltd. This berth was commenced operation from 28th December 2007. at this berth cargo being handled by ships gear as well as mobile harbour crane (MHC). average discharge rate 12000- 14000 mt pwwd/wp sub agw by 2 MHC and by ship's gear average 5000 - 7000 mt pwwd.

Berth No. 13 cargo being handled by mobile harbour crane (MHC). Average discharge/ loading rate 18000 - 20000 mt pwwd/wp sub agw by 2 mhc. Note: presently one MHC is out of commission.