About us

J.M.Baxi & Co. is India's premier shipping services company, standing firmly on the pillars of innovation,
commitment and performance.

We Get Things Moving

India's integrated logistics, services and transportation
conglomerate with a unique infrastructure and technology backbone.



shipping services are our long-established data-driven business vertical. Combined, all the shipping services companies of the group collectively make the group India’s largest professional and integrated shipping agency.



One of India’s largest logistics and supply chain service providers, our logistics division services diverse parts of the nation delivering on-time, value-added services to sectors ranging from metals to retail, and from oil and gas to fertilisers.



As a part our infrastructure vertical, International Cargo Terminal (ICT) identified the need for specially designed shipping logistics infrastructure. With its state-of-the-art facilities helps connect cargo seamlessly.



To keep abreast and evolve with ever changing technologies, the group stated this vertical ten years ago. With keen presence in water, communication and digital technologies, it is the youngest and most dynamic space in the group.

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Why choose to work with us?

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Advantage JMB Over Hub Agents

  • JM Baxi has own offices at all Indian ports (major/minor/private)
  • Legacy of over hundred years which brings experience & local expertise
  • Strong presence in the Indian port sector, JMB group companies are operating cargo & container terminals at some major ports in India
  • Actively involved in all Government initiatives to promote Shipping and Logistics such as developing software for Port Community System.
  • Handling more than 4500 port calls in India, which makes J M Baxi the leading shipping agent in India
  • JMB is a one stop solution for all shipping needs

  • Hub agents have offices at few ports & rely on other agents including J M Baxi to service other ports
  • Experience & expertise is restricted to the Ports they are servicing & competency at other ports, depends on strength of local agent.
  • Limited exposure to Indian port sector
  • Less visibility in Government Initiatives and projects
  • Total number of Ship calls handled by all hub agents does not match J M Baxi
  • Hub agents outsource all vessel requirements to vendors
  • Standalone agency model only.

J. M. Baxi & Co. is transforming its business strategies and
new initiatives into opportunities for future growth by focusing
on three key aspects



Innovation is more than just
a buzz word for us



Commitment is striving to
meet the current as well as
future needs



Performance emerges out of

Tech Innovation


J.M.BAXI Certification


Award winning performances in most business activities

  • JMB as the best stevedore in Kandla

    We JMB were declared as Best Stevedore of the DPT and awarded with Shield and Certificate by the Chairman Shri S.K. Mehta, IFS & Dy. Chairman, Shri Nandeesh Shukla IRTS, which were received by the undersigned.

  • Certificate of appreciation

    We received from Cochin Customs on 25th January 2019 for '' being the Top Steamer Agent at Cochin seaport for the year 2018'' on the occasion of International Customs day celebrated at Merchant Navy Club.

  • Number one position

    - Winner in the category of "Maximum Overall Vessels Handled for the Year 2018-19"
    - Runner up in the category " Highest Number of Liquid Cargo Vessels Handled for the Year 2018-19"
    - Runner up in the category of "Highest Liquid Cargo Vessels called at Vadinar